Spruce Plywood Sample


Sample size is 150mm x 150mm.

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Spruce Plywood Sample

Spruce Plywood Sample size is 150mm x 150mm.

Spruce Plywood Type 111/111 Full Sheets and Cut to Size

At Ply Direct, we are a leading UK supplier of plywood and associated plywood products. We stock a vast choice of plywood for our customers, and our products are available to purchase by both trade and domestic clients.

Among our wide plywood product range, we offer spruce plywood type 111/111.

What is Spruce Plywood Type 111/111?

Spruce plywood type 111/111 is usually created using Nordic spruce. Long-grained, straight Nordic conifer fibres are used, and moisture resistant glueing is used to bond the plywood together.

All plywood is graded, and type 111/111 relates to the specific grade of this spruce plywood. Spruce plywood type 111/111 has many benefits but does not offer a perfect finish and may contain both open defects and large knots that you need to fill. However, these surface issues can be corrected with the use of wood filler before applying a finish.

This durable material is usually used for applications that utilise its strength and functionality, so being on display is not usually required.

Spruce Plywood Full Board and Cut to Size

At Ply Direct, we stock spruce plywood type 111/111 as full boards; measurements for our full boards are as follows:

2440 x 1220 mm and available in a choice of two thickness options; 12 mm and 18mm.

As well as offering spruce plywood type 111/111 as full boards in a choice of thickness options, we can also cut your spruce plywood panel to specified sizes. Simply choose the sizes that you require for your spruce plywood and select either 12 mm or 18 mm thickness for your panels.

Key Features of Spruce Plywood Type 111/111

Spruce plywood type 111/111 offers many benefits and has lots of key features making it an excellent choice of material for multiple uses. Here are some of the key features that spruce plywood type 111/111 has to offer.

Easy to work with

Spruce plywood offers a solid surface to work with, making it an ideal product to work with on many applications, including wall sheeting. The smooth, solid surface of this plywood makes it easy to repair any knots and open defects that may be present. With these repairs made, the spruce plywood can easily be painted and completed to the required finish.

Another of the key features of spruce plywood is the lightweight feel of the timber. Although it is highly durable and has a reasonable thickness, spruce plywood is easy to work with as it is so lightweight.


Spruce plywood type 111/111 is known for being strong, which is why it is commonly the material of choice for structural uses. Spruce plywood is suitable for a variety of structural load bearing applications, making it ideal for use on the construction site.

Suitable for interior and exterior use

When you install spruce plywood, you will gain the benefits of a rigid timber structure that is suitable for use in applications from flooring to roofing.

Uses of Spruce Plywood Type 111/111

Spruce plywood type 111/111 is a popular choice of building materials and is widely used for construction work. Here are some of the many uses of this versatile material:

Load bearing applications

The structural uses of spruce plywood include a variety of joinery tasks, where plywood is used as a low price but equally strong alternative to solid timber.

Both load bearing walls and partition walls can be constructed using spruce plywood.

Interior and Exterior construction work

Plywood is used for both interior and exterior construction work and joinery. Wall sheeting, soffits, flooring, temporary buildings, and fencing are all common uses of spruce plywood type 111/111.

When used for exterior walls, spruce plywood helps to ensure extra protection from the wind. When used as a panel, this plywood can make it easier to install insulation products to provide additional protection against the elements.

Due to its strength, plywood is also perfect for roofing tasks, including roof sheathing.

In addition to the above uses, spruce plywood can also be used for a range of other purposes. This robust material is often used in the production of plywood packaging used to transport products and as a form for concrete casting jobs.

Why Choose Ply Direct for Your Spruce Plywood Type 111/111 Needs?

At Ply Direct, we offer an excellent choice of spruce plywood as both 2440 x 1220 mm full sheets and panels cut to sizes of your choice. Our customers choose us time and again for all their timber needs, including for spruce plywood type 111/111.

We supply plywood for both commercial and private customers. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible product range and service for all of our customers.

Fast, reliable deliveries

We operate our own delivery service, which enables us to get your order to you faster. We deliver our products across England and Wales and offer two delivery zone charges. Simply check the delivery map here on our website to find out which delivery zone your address is in.

As we run our own deliveries, we are able to offer next working day delivery on our in stock items. If you place your order by 5 pm today, your products could be delivered to you the next working day.

If you need your items on a specific date, you can request deliveries to be scheduled for a date that is convenient for you.

Excellent customer service

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We always have excellent prices on our products, but in addition to this, we also offer a discount for our customers. When you spend over £500 on our products, you will receive a 5% discount on your order.

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