Smartply T & G Flooring Sample


Sample size is 150mm x 150mm.


Smartply T & G Flooring Sample.

Smartply T & G Flooring Sample size is 150mm x 150mm.

Smartply T & G Flooring Full Sheets

Are you looking for Smartply T & G flooring at the best price? At Ply Direct, we stock an extensive range of plywood products for all your commercial and DIY needs. We are a supplier of Smartply products, including Smartply T & G Flooring.

This tongue and groove OSB flooring is widely used in the construction industry and is suitable for a range of conditions. Smartply’s popularity is due to its many practical applications and product features.

Smartply tongue and groove flooring is widely used in the construction industry

What is Smartply T & G Flooring?

Smartply flooring is an oriented strand board that makes ideal flooring boards. Smartply floor comprises wooden strips that are layered in a specific orientation. The wooden strips are then compressed and bonded together using wax and resin adhesive. Smartply floors are manufactured using exterior grade glue. This makes Smartply floor suitable for structural use in humid environments.

Smartply Oriented Strand Board Full Sheets

Here at Ply Direct, we supply Smartply floor boards as full sheets, ready for you to use. Our Smartply floor panels measure 2400 mm x 600 mm and have a thickness of 18 mm.

Smartply tongue and groove is suitable for use in humid environments such as bathrooms

Key Features of Smartply T & G Flooring

High load bearing capacity

If you are looking for load bearing panels suitable for structural use, Smartply T & G Flooring is an excellent choice. Smartply is suitable for structural flooring applications as it offers a reliable distribution of strength and spanning capacity. This tongue and groove flooring can be positioned along joist centers in certain domestic flooring applications.


This tongue and groove flooring is versatile, strong, and cost-effective, making it an ideal material to work with on your flooring applications. OSB tongue and groove flooring is often less expensive than comparable flooring solutions, such as plywood, while also boasting a denser texture. Using OSB tongue and groove flooring is a popular choice in the construction industry, as its lower price can help to keep the cost of the entire project more affordable.

Suitable for humid environments

Trying to create a subfloor that is suitable for structural use in humid environments requires a specialist material. As Smartply flooring is made using an exterior grade glue, it is ideal for use in humid conditions for domestic use. OSB tongue and groove flooring is popular with contractors who use it in the construction of flooring in houses. This Smartply flooring is often used when constructing floors for kitchens and bathrooms.

Easy to use

The tongue and groove design on Smartply flooring not only makes it suitable for a wide range of flooring applications but also ensures that it is really easy to work with. While square edge boards are available, using tongue and groove Smartply flooring offers several benefits.

The tongue and groove design makes Smartply flooring really easy to slot together. The edges of the tongue and groove boards are machined to offer a precise fit. The boards themselves have a uniformly even thickness, helping to ensure that you are left with a seamless finish once the floor is laid.

All of these features make Smartply tongue and groove a really easy timber material to work with and speed up the time it takes to install the flooring.

Sustainable choice

Smartply is an engineered wood product known as oriented strand board, or OSB for short. As the board is made from layered strips of wood taken from the tops of smaller, younger trees, it is a sustainable choice of timber. OSB is generally considered more sustainable than other engineered wood products, as it is not made from larger pieces of timber from mature forests.

Smartply tongue and groove is used by the construction industry to create subflooring

Uses of Smartply T & G Flooring

This flooring is a popular material and is used for many applications in the construction industry. Here are some of this popular product’s primary uses:

Flooring applications Smartply floor

Smartply tongue and groove is an ideal flooring solution used in the construction of subfloors. As this tongue and groove flooring is lightweight while still being extremely durable, it offers excellent performance. In addition, the low cost of Smartply tongue and groove flooring makes it a practical choice that will not harm the budget of the construction project.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Many homes have a subfloor in their kitchens and bathrooms constructed using OSB tongue and groove flooring. This is because it is easy to work with and cost effective. The material’s ability to withstand humid conditions also makes it an ideal choice for these areas of the home that are prone to moisture.

Why Choose Ply Direct for Smartply T & G Flooring?

If you are looking for a supplier that stocks a wide range of plywood and Smartply products, you have come to the right place. Here at Ply Direct, we have all the plywood materials that you need for all your commercial construction and domestic DIY needs.

Great prices

Our Smartply tongue and groove flooring is available at a competitive price. This means that you will not pay more than you need to for this practical material. As well as keeping our prices reasonable, we also offer discounts to our customers. If you spend over £500, you will receive a 5% discount on your order, helping you to save even more when your shop with us.

If you don’t have much to order, don’t worry. There are no minimum order quantities or values on our website; you can simply order what you need.

Fast delivery

Getting your order processed quickly and efficiently is our priority. Our team works hard to prepare and package your orders and ensure they reach you as soon as possible. Our delivery service operates throughout England and Wales and uses two zones to calculate delivery charges.

We offer next working day delivery, subject to availability. If you order from us by 5 pm, in-stock items will be delivered the next working day or at a delivery date that is suitable for you.

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