Realwood Birch Plywood Edgings

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Realwood Birch Plywood Edgings - Unglued

Here at Ply Direct, we stock a wide selection of plywood products, including veneers and plywood edging. Among our product range, we stock real wood veneer edging, including birch.

What are Real Wood Edgings?

Real wood edgings are strips of veneer that are sold on a roll. Edge banding can be used for a range of applications and is considered an essential product for use in conjunction with veneer plywood panels. Take a look at our product pictures to find coordinating birch veneer sheets for use with edge banding.

Birch veneer edging is available in a choice of either glued or unglued. Glued edge banding is pre-glued and applied by using an iron to smooth the banding onto the surface and activate the adhesive. Unglued edgings can be attached by applying a product such as a contact cement adhesive.

We stock plywood edgings in a roll quantity of 50 m and a thickness of 24 mm.

Key Features of Real Wood Veneer Edging

There are many benefits of using real wood veneer edge banding for your projects. Here are some of the key features that this product offers:

Easy to apply

Edging is easy to apply and available in a choice of two options so that you can select the best one to meet your needs. Pre-glued edging strips can be easily applied by carefully ironing them onto your chosen surface, as the adhesive is already on the product. If you would prefer to apply the adhesive yourself, you may like to choose unglued edge banding for your project. This option enables you to select an adhesive of your choice for your items.

Matches with other products

As well as being easy to apply, veneer edging is also an excellent choice as it can be easily matched for use with coordinating materials. Being able to match your edging product with veneer plywood sheets enables you to use it for a far more comprehensive range of applications. Combining veneer edging with veneer faced plywood sheets will enable you to give your project a seamless look and will enhance the quality of the over all finish.

Veneer edge banding is used to finish items such as desks and table tops

Main Uses of Real Wood Veneer Edging

Real wood edging is among our most popular product categories. This versatile product is suitable for a wide range of uses and is especially useful in furniture production. Here are some of the main uses of wood veneer edge banding:

Furniture finishing

Making furniture from plywood offers a cost-effective way to produce high-quality pieces. As a lightweight material that is reasonably priced and easy to work with, there are many advantages of using plywood for furniture making rather than solid wood. However, you may be keen to create a flawless finish for your piece of furniture. Using veneer is an ideal solution to this issue, but you may still be looking for a way to tidy up the edges. This is where veneer edging becomes an essential item.

Matching the veneers on the main body of the furniture and adding a coordinating edge banding will ensure that your piece of furniture has a flawless finish. The exposed edges of furniture, such as table tops, shelving, and bookcases, can all be given a perfect finish with edging.


Unfortunately, furniture can sometimes be damaged by daily wear and tear and left looking far from its best. The edges of the furniture are especially prone to knocks and scrapes that can cause damage. It is in these situations that applying a veneer edge can help to rescue your furniture.

Finding an edging that is a match for your furniture will enable you to repair the damaged area and get your furniture looking like new once more.

Why Buy Real Wood Edging from Ply Direct?

We are an established supplier of plywood products for both trade and personal customers. Shop with us and save while selecting all the plywood products that you need. Take a look at why our customers choose us for all of their plywood products:

Hassle-free shopping experience

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Here at Ply Direct, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality service to every customer. So, if you need help with resetting your password, want to know how to add products to your cart, or would like to enquire about ordering a large quantity of plywood, our sales team is here to help.

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Realwood Birch Plywood Edgings - Glued

Here at Ply Direct, we are a leading UK supplier of plywood products. Our vast range of plywood products is available for both commercial and private customers. So, if you are working on a project that requires high-quality plywood and associated products, you can be sure that you will find it here at Ply Direct.

We stock plywood products, including real wood veneer, OSB smartply, flexible, and specialist plywood, such as flame retardant plywood. Among the extensive range of products on our website is real wood birch plywood edging tape. Our stock of real wood birch veneer edging is available as either a pre glued or un-glued roll, so you can select your preference and decide which option is easier for your project.

What is Real Wood Veneer Edging?

Wood veneer edge banding is a product that is widely used in conjunction with plywood. Wood veneer edging is used for a variety of applications and is a versatile material that is suitable for multiple uses.

At Ply Direct, we sell real wood birch veneer edging on our website. Each roll of the edge tape is supplied with a length of 50 m and a width of 24 mm.

Key Features of Real Wood Veneer Edging

This wood veneer edging offers many benefits and is a popular choice of material for anyone that works with plywood. This good quality material offers many key features that make it an excellent addition to your project. Here are some of the main features offered by pre glued wood veneer edging:

Hassle-free preparations before application

Using pre glued wood veneer edging offers a stress-free choice of trim, and very little preparation is required before applying the surface edge to achieve a good quality finish. To prepare the surface, you simply need to sand rough spots and fill any large holes in the edge banding. Once you have sanded to the edge to create a smooth surface and removed any sawdust, you should be ready to position the edging on your item.

Easy to apply to the substrate

Whether you are working on plywood or other substrate, you should find that it is easy to apply the width of the tape to the wood using an iron. Selecting pre glued edge banding tape enables you to simply iron it onto the surface edge using a household iron. The heat from the iron helps to ensure that the edge banding tape sticks to the wood edges, and using a roller helps to smooth the length of the edging. This process provides a smooth trim for the finished item.

High-quality finish

Making items out of plywood can leave your project with an unfinished edge. If you are hoping to create a high-quality finish for your plywood items, using edging is an excellent way to achieve this. Applying pre glued veneer edging tape with an iron and some heat and smoothing it with a roller will provide a simple solution to deal with an unfinished edge.

Using a length of veneer edging tape to match with the veneers of your item will help provide you with a seamless look for your project. After it has been applied with an iron, you can trim the excess length of the edging tape and get it sanded to create a seamless, high-quality finish.

Cost-effective solution

Choosing edging tape is a cost-effective purchase for your project. Using veneer is far cheaper than purchasing real wood and offers the flexibility of easily being able to trim the width and length without the need for expensive tools.

Beech edging is often used in furniture production

Main Uses for Wood Veneer Edging

There are many advantages to using birch wood veneer edging for your projects. Here are some of the main uses of edging veneers:

Furniture making

One of the main reasons that people purchase veneer edging is for furniture making. The long length of the edging tape and how cost-effective it is to purchase make it an ideal item for finishing furniture projects. Being able to simply iron the veneer onto the edge makes it ideal for use in cabinet making and for finishing table top edges.


The width of veneer edging tape also makes it a great choice for making repairs to chipped furniture. Simply choose the correct colour of the veneers and cut them to the correct length to make an easy repair.

Why Buy Real Wood Veneer Edging from Ply Direct?

Here at Ply Direct, our customers return to us again and again for all of their plywood product needs. Here is why our customers choose us:

Fast delivery

We operate our own delivery service for our wood products. This enables us to ensure a fast and efficient delivery service for all our customers. We ensure that every order is dispatched fast, regardless of quantity. If you have in stock items in your basket, we can normally get these dispatched and ready for 2-3 days delivery.

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