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OSB Smartply Full Sheets and Cut to Size

Here at Ply Direct, we are a leading supplier of plywood. We stock a wide choice of plywood products, including oriented strand board (OSB), ready and waiting for you to shop.

What is OSB Board?

Oriented strand board is better known as OSB board or sterling board. Smartply OSB boards are made from precisely engineered strands of wood. OSB Smartply is manufactured by compressing precisely engineered strands of timber combined with resins at a high temperature. This process creates a versatile panel that offers many benefits.

Smartply OSB boards are FSC certified and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of plywood.

OSB Smartply is made from precisely engineered strands of wood

OSB Smartply Full Boards and Cut to Size

Our range of OSB Smartply boards includes the following:

OSB boards as full boards measuring 2397 length x 1197 mm in width at a thickness of 9 mm.

OSB full boards measuring 2440 length x 1220mm in width at thicknesses of 11, 15, 18, and 22mm.

If 2397 x 1197mm or 2440 x 1220mm are not suitable for your needs, we offer OSB boards that can be cut to your preferred size. You can select your own length and width in mm, and then take your pick from a range of thicknesses. We have 9, 11, 15, 18, and 22 mm thicknesses of OSB sterling board available.

Key Features of OSB board


OSB provides a cost-effective material that is widely used in the construction industry and around the house for DIY projects. OSB is less expensive than plywood, making it a popular choice of timber supply.

Environmentally friendly alternative

The timber used to manufacture OSB comes from small pieces of wood that the manufacturer combines with adhesives. Using these smaller pieces of wood enables OSB to be created from timber taken from smaller trees rather than cutting down older, more established trees. This makes OSB a more sustainable choice of wood.

Moisture resistant

OSB can be used in dry conditions and interior humid conditions. However, as a timber supply that is suited to many different tasks, when waterproofed and treated with moisture-resistant resins, it can be used for exterior purposes for projects in the garden.


As well as being suitable for humid conditions, Smartply is also incredibly strong. This material has impressive load bearing capabilities making it suited to a wide range of applications. The boards are strong enough to allow holes to be drilled into them to meet the needs of your project.

Easy to work with

One of the reasons that Smartply is the material of choice for everything from roofing to furniture manufacturing is that it is not only robust but really easy to work with. Smartply is flexible and strong, allowing it to be used with tools to create your chosen shape and size.

OSB Smartply is also ideal for use with decorating tools and can be easily painted and finished with a coordinating edge to create a high-quality finish.

Main Uses of OSB Board

Our stock of Smartply is suitable for many uses, including the following:

General Construction

Thanks to the way that OSB board is manufactured, it is an extremely strong and durable material. This is why OSB is widely used in the construction industry for load bearing applications. Other common uses for OSB in construction include wall sheathing, roof decking, and flooring.

Furniture Making

As well as being used as timber for roofing, roof decking, wall sheathing, and general construction applications, OSB is widely used to create furniture. Items such as tables, chairs, and shelves, are all often made from Smartply.

Why Choose Ply Direct for Your OSB Board Needs?

If you are looking for the highest quality Smartply ready to deliver, we can help. Our company prides itself on supplying plywood and Smartply as full boards and cut to size to meet all your requirements. Simply add the items you need to your basket, and we will take care of the rest.

Fast delivery

If you need your OSB board delivered fast, we can help. We can deliver items that are in stock the next working day when ordered before 5 pm.

Our delivery charge is calculated depending on your address. We operate two delivery zones and deliver throughout England and Wales. Our delivery charges and next working day delivery availability will depend on which zone you are located in. Simply enter postcode of your address or check our delivery map to find out which zone you are in and how much deliveries will cost.

Excellent service

Contact our helpful team if you need further information about our products or services. We are always happy to help with any queries relating to your purchase or delivery of your items, simply get in touch, and we will be ready to assist you.

If you would like to get a quote for a large quantity of Smartply or our other plywood products, please get in touch, and we will be happy to help.


What's the difference between OSB2 and OSB3?

OSB is available in different classifications, which indicate its performance in certain conditions. OSB2 is classified as a load bearing board that is suitable for use in dry conditions. OSB3 is classified as a load bearing board suited to humid conditions.

How much is a sheet of OSB?

A full sheet of OSB measuring 2440 x 1220mm with a thickness of 11mm is priced at around £34.28, excluding VAT.

What size do OSB boards come in?

OSB boards come in two full board sizes of 2440 x 1220mm for 11, 15, 18, and 22mm thickness and 2397 x 1197mm for 9mm thickness.

What is the difference between chipboard and OSB?

Chipboard and OSB are manufactured differently. Chipboard is manufactured from waste timber materials, such as wood chips and sawdust. In contrast, OSB is an engineered material manufactured from compressed wood strands. OSB is generally considered stronger than chipboard due to the larger strands of wood used in its construction.

Both chipboard and OSB are considered sustainable timber choices.