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Marine Plywood Full Sheets and Cut to Size

Here at Ply Direct, we are proud to be a leading supplier of plywood cut to size products in the UK. At our London warehouse, we stock a wide variety of plywood, including marine grade plywood.It is excellent hardwood plywood engineered with waterproof glue. Plywood makes for an excellent resource for builders, or just anyone who has a DIY project in mind.

Our company can supply plywood for both DIY and commercial use. So, whether you are looking for marine plywood sheets for a project at your house or need marine grade plywood for business use, we can help.

What is Marine Grade Plywood?

Marine plywood is made from untreated Douglas fir or Western Larch timber. Marine grade plywood is created by layers of veneer stacked together at right angles, which is a process called cross lamination. The cross lamination process helps to provide strength to marine plywood. The adhesives applied to the veneer sheets when creating marine plywood include waterproof glue. As marine ply is not rot resistant, it does require sealing before being used in conditions where water and moisture are present.

Marine Plywood Sheets Full Board and Cut to Size

At Ply Direct, we stock marine plywood sheets as full sheets, or we can cut to size for you to suit your needs. Simply select your chosen sizes, and we will cut your plywood to your ideal measurements.

As well as offering cut plywood and full boards, we also offer different thicknesses to suit your needs. Our Marine Plywood “BS1088” Full Board and cut to size sheet is available in 6, 9, 12, 18, and 25 mm thicknesses.

Key Features of Marine Grade Plywood

Strong and durable

When you select marine plywood, you will have a strong and durable choice of plywood. This is because marine plywood is made from many sheets of thin veneer stacked perpendicularly to give it extra strength.This provides a hard-wearing wood that can cope more effectively in humid and wet conditions without losing structural integrity.

Easy to paint

One of the main features of marine grade plywood is that it provides a smooth surface area that can be painted with ease. This enables you to get inspired and choose a colour for your marine ply once you have applied a seal to make it water-resistant. Unlike MDF, marine ply has a visible grain on the edges, which can create an attractive feature when sealed even without colour added.

Marine Plywood

Main Uses for Marine Ply Sheet

Boat building

Cut to size marine ply is used to construct boats and fittings for ships. When you select marine plywood for boat building, you need to ensure that it is sealed to make it rotproof. Marine ply is also used in the construction of docks after it has been given a rotproof finish.

Outdoor furniture

As well as being a popular material for use in boat building, marine ply is also suitable for use in gardens. Marine ply sheet makes a relatively low maintenance choice for outdoor furniture, as when sealed, it is ideal for use in conditions with a lot of moisture.

Why Choose Ply Direct for Your Marine Plywood Needs?

No minimum order

Whether you need a small amount of marine grade plywood for a DIY project or a large quantity of plywood delivered to your business premises, we can help. We have no minimum order quantity on our high-quality stock, so however much plywood you need, we will be happy to assist you.

Fast delivery

We pride ourselves on fast delivery to our customers from our London warehouse. We will process your order fast to minimise your wait time and get your marine grade plywood with you as soon as possible. Lead time for items that are in stock can usually be delivered the 2-3 working days, Monday to Friday, when orders are placed during the week before 5 pm. We deliver to addresses throughout England and Wales, so whether you are in West Sussex or Swansea, we will get your products to you quickly.

Excellent customer service

Our customer services team is always on hand to help. You can contact our knowledgeable team to find out a price for our products, to request a quote, or with any other queries you may have. Get in touch today, and we will be happy to assist you.


How much is a full sheet of plywood?

When buying any type of sheet, such as plywood or MDF, the prices are variable. Plywood prices vary depending on the kind of plywood you require, the thickness you need, width and length of the sheet.

What is the difference between plywood and marine plywood sheets?

Marine plywood differs from plywood as it is made using waterproof adhesives and has many layers of veneer to make it extremely strong.