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Hardwood Plywood Exterior Full Sheets and Cut to Size

Here at Ply Direct, we stock a vast range of plywood suitable for private and commercial customers and their projects.

Plywood is a highly versatile material used in many applications. However, choosing the correct plywood for your chosen application is essential. Marine ply and exterior plywood are both suitable for external use, but each is suited to different projects.

What is Exterior Hardwood Plywood?

Exterior hardwood plywood is used for a wide range of applications. This exterior plywood can be made from either hardwood or softwood core and has a face and back made from hardwood veneers. Exterior hardwood is constructed from glued layers of plywood, with each layer rotated alternatively in a process called cross-lamination. Cross-lamination means that the grain is at different angles, which gives the plywood extra strength.

Hardwood Plywood Full Sheet and Cut to Size

Exterior plywood can be made from a range of different woods, including birch plywood. We supply exterior plywood either as a full sheet or cut to size, so you can pick the option that best suits your needs.

Our exterior plywood full sheet measures 2440 mm x 1220 mm. Our cut to size exterior plywood is available in measurements of your choice. Simply enter your chosen size and leave the rest to us. There is a choice of thicknesses available; choose from 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 22, and 25 mm.

Key Features of Hardwood Plywood Sheets

Here are some of the main reasons plywood, such as birch plywood, is such a popular choice:

Moisture resistance

One of the most useful properties of exterior plywood is that it is moisture resistant which prevents warping and splitting.


The construction of exterior plywood layered with adhesives improves strength and stability, making it an excellent choice for use by furniture manufacturers.

Lower cost

As one of the most commonly used categories of engineered wood products, plywood is a low price. But, plywood offers some additional benefits over comparable materials, such as MDF. Plywood usually offers better water resistance than MDF, and as plywood has a grain, it can be stained.

Exterior hardwood can be used to construct outdoor furniture

Uses of Hardwood Exterior Plywood Sheets

Exterior plywood sheets can be used for many projects.


Using exterior plywood, such as birch plywood cut to size, is an excellent material for furniture production. As cut plywood is available at better prices than solid wood, it also makes a more economical choice. You can create a wide range of furniture items from exterior plywood when it is cut to size. Benches, outside seating, and tables can all be made from exterior plywood and then primed and stained in a colour of your choice.

Decorative Millwork

Exterior plywood can be used for many uses around the house, especially decorative millwork for doors, floors, panels for walls, and sashes. Sanding and smoothing the plywood will provide you with the ideal surface to prime and paint a colour of your choice for a decorative finish.

Why Choose Ply Direct for Hardwood Plywood?

Whether you need marine plywood or birch plywood, you will find everything you need here at Ply Direct. Here is why our customers choose us:

Fast delivery

When you buy from us, you will have your order delivered fast. We deliver to addresses in England and Wales, with 2-3 working days delivery available on many items.

Wide range of products and services

If you are inspired to get creative with plywood for your next project, we can provide any width or length of plywood to suit your needs. We also stock marine plywood sheets for exterior projects at our online store.

Discounts available

We offer the best prices on our products, and 5% discounts are available on orders over £500.


How much is a full sheet of plywood?

The price of a full sheet of plywood varies by the material the core, face, and back are made from and the thicknesses of the sheets.

What are the outside layers of plywood called?

The outside layers of plywood sheets are called the face and back. The face and back may be made from a material such as a veneer or an adjacent layer of hardwood ply.

Do you cut plywood to size?

At Ply Direct, we can cut plywood sheets to the size you request for your needs. So, whatever width or length you need for your project, we can provide it for you.

What size is a full sheet of plywood?

Our full sheets of exterior plywood sheets measure 2440 mm x 1220 mm.