Flexible Plywood Sample


Sample size is 150mm x 150mm.


Flexible Plywood Sample

Flexible Plywood Sample size is 150mm x 150mm.

Flexible Plywood Full Sheets

Here at Plydirect, we offer our customers a wide choice of plywood sheets and materials. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent range of FSC certified products manufactured to the highest standard. We are proud to serve both individual and commercial customers and sell every type of plywood product you may need for your project. One popular product that we stock at Plydirect is flexible plywood or commonly called as bendy plywood.

What are Flexible Plywood Sheets?

Plywood sheets usually offer high strength levels, rigidity, and durability. Flexible plywood is different. While flexi ply is strong, it does not have the same rigidity as a standard board. This difference is due to the way that flexible plywood panels are manufactured.It’s available in two different grain direction : long grain and cross grain.

Regular plywood sheets are built for strength, with each of the veneers layered perpendicularly to provide a solid finish and a cross grain design. A cross-grain design means that the grain pattern goes across the sheet, and the short edge of the sheet bends to join with the short edge. In contrast, flexi ply is manufactured using thin plies arranged in layers. Flexi ply is ideal for a range of practical applications that require bends and curves. This unique plywood board has a straight grain pattern where all the grain runs in the same direction. It is this construction method that gives flexible plywood its ability to bend and flexible form. Bendy plywood is more convenient and much lower in cost than premade wooden forms, as this flexible plywood will hold its shape once it is glued, laminated or veneered.It is used extensively in furniture and shop fitting, etc. wherever curved surfaces are desirable.

Key Features of Flexible Plywood Sheets

Flexible plywood offers many benefits over standard plywood sheets in applications requiring curves. These sheets have a high quality finish suitable for most types of decoration, internal use only. Here are some of the benefits of using flexible plywood:

Extremely flexible

As you would expect from its name, flexi ply is an extremely flexible plywood. Depending on the thickness of the plywood used, this material can be rolled and curved to create a variety of different shapes without the surface cracking and without compromising its strength.

Creates curves with ease

When creating items requiring bends, it can be challenging to finish these perfectly to a high standard. Flexible plywood sheets are the answer to this issue. As the sheet bends with ease, shaping the plywood sheets to create the perfect bend. The board is used in many applications such as wavy walls, shop fittings, pillars, arches plus bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Price effective material

Trying to carve different shapes from wood can be expensive and time-consuming. But, flexible plywood offers a cost-effective alternative. As well as being less labour-intensive to work on, flexible plywood sheets are far less expensive to buy.

Many uses

Flexi ply is suitable for a wide range of practical applications. Due to its flexible nature, this plywood offers many advantages over its other wooden counterparts. Flexible plywood can withstand bending and shaping that would cause normal plywood sheets to split and break.

Uses of Flexible Plywood Sheets


One of the most popular uses of flexible bending plywood sheet material is furniture making. As this flexible bendy plywood sheet curves and can bend with ease, it can be used to make many creative furniture designs.

Decorative accessories

Bendy plywood is ideal for creating irregular and curved designs such as those used in decorative accessories for the home. Flexible bendy plywood can be used to create items such as lamp bases and decorative panels.

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Why Choose Plydirect for Your Flexible Plywood Needs?

Here at Plydirect, we are the go-to choice for plywood sheets and flexible plywood products, here is why:

Excellent customer service

We supply a wide range of plywood sheets, including bendy plywood, and our team is always ready to help with any queries you may have. Simply contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Fast delivery service

We offer delivery throughout England and Wales on our products with fast delivery available on items that we have in stock. In stock items ordered before 5 pm on weekdays can often be delivered the next working day. Alternatively, we can deliver your items to you on a convenient date.

Great prices

No one wants to pay more than they need for their materials. At Plydirect, we offer the best prices possible on our plywood sheet products, including flexible plywood sheets. You save money on your order thanks to our discount offer. Spend over £500, and you will save 5% on your order.


What is flexible plywood called?

No one wants to pay more than they need for their materials. At Plydirect, we offer the best prices possible on our plywood sheet products, including flexible plywood sheets. You save money on your order thanks to our discount offer. Spend over £500, and you will save 5% on your order.

What is flexible plywood used for?

This bendy plywood panel is used for furniture making and for creating decorative accessories where a curved shape is required.

How is flexi Ply different to plywood?

Flexible bending plywood is constructed differently from regular plywood sheets. Instead of creating a short cross grain design by layering veneers at right angles, bendy plywood is created by keeping all the grain pattern in the same direction. This makes flexible bending plywood easy to manipulate.

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