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Flame Retardant Plywood Class B and Class C Full Sheets and Cut to Size

At Plydirect, we offer an excellent choice of flame retardant plywood products with fire retardant properties to suit a range of applications.

What is Fire Retardant Birch Plywood?

Fire retardant birch plywood is a material that has been treated with a special fire retardant liquid solution. The solution performs a dual function.The augmented fire retardant performance can be achieved as part of the product’s production process and applies to the entirety of the finished panel. The fire retardant plywood treatment  process helps to inhibit fire growth by slowing the surface spread of the flames.This method of treatment is more permanent in service than surface coatings and fire retardant properties can be maintained after cutting/ machining.  As well as helping to slow down the surface spread of the fire, the chemicals help to decrease the total heat release.These products are used wherever fire protection is a main priority, e.g interior finishes for public buildings, boat & yacht building, the rail & automotive industry, exhibition stands. The material then achieves a fire rating on the side finished in this way, so as a consequence this process is often requested to both sides and all edges.Plywood is fire proofed making it flame retardant to Euroclass C or B.This product is very different to the more commonly-known merchant quality commercial fire treated plywood, due to the special manufacturing process used make the panels flame-retardant.

Fire Retardant Birch Plywood Full Panels and Cut to Size

At Plydirect, we stock both flame retardant plywood as full boards but can also provide birch plywood with fire resistance as a cut to size option. Ideal for film sets, theatres, exhibitions and TV sets and all projects requiring safety and certification.  Here are the fire performance products we have available:

Flame retardant plywood Euro class B permanent treatment full board available in 2440 x 1220mm sheets.

Flame retardant plywood Euro class C temporary use full board available in 2440 x 1220mm sheets.

Flame retardant plywood Euro class B permanent treatment cut to size available in 12mm or 18mm thickness and your choice of size.

Flame retardant plywood Euro class C temporary use cut to size available in 4mm or 5.5mm thickness and your choice of size.

Key Features of Fire Retardant Plywood Panel Products

Flame retardant birch plywood offers many unique properties that help it to perform its vital function.

Acts as a barrier against fire

FR plywood panel products that meet the appropriate BS EN standards are able to reduce flammability, which may help reduce the spread of the fire.

Limits smoke production

The chemicals used in creating FR plywood minimise the panel’s reaction to fire. This helps reduce the heat released and limits emissions caused by smoke production.

Slows rate of fire growth

FR plywood timber that has been tested in accordance with BS EN contains chemicals that help to slow down lateral flame spread. This gives the occupants more time to leave the building before the fire spreads.

Complies with building regulations and European classifications

Building products are tested for fire performance using the single burning item test. The SBI test is used to classify building products in accordance with BS EN 13501 1. The test involves seeing how the material behaves in a fire. This includes an ignitability test, its heat release, and whether it produces burning droplets. After testing the material’s reaction to fire, it is assessed whether the product meets European classifications, and a European class is given.

Flame Retardant Plywood

Uses of Flame Retardant Plywood


Fire retardant plywood is used in a host of structural applications in the construction industry where it is necessary for timber to offer suitable fire performance. Each treatment process involves a high pressure impregnation of the fire retardant solution followed by kiln drying to a specific moisture content. Examples include theatres, TV and film sets, and restaurant kitchens, where the risk of fire spreading quickly is possible.Fireshield comply with reaction for fire Class B as per EN3501 and is CE marked.


Ensuring that the panels used in the set-up of exhibitions meet the suitable British standards is also essential. A crowded exhibition hall filled with wooden panel products would be a significant fire risk if fire retardant materials are not used.


Using fire retardant materials is also crucial in shopfitting. Fixtures and fittings may be made using FR plywood to reduce the risk of fire spreading quickly.

Transport industry

Flame retardant wood based panels are widely used in the transport industry. Automotive and boat building companies utilise this fire retardant sheet material, along with the London underground.

Why Choose Plydirect for Your Fire Retardant Plywood Needs?

At Plydirect, we can provide you with FR plywood with a short lead time, so you can have your materials delivered and ready to use as soon as you need them.

We have a friendly customer service team ready to answer any questions you may have. Simply get in touch if you require any further information about our plywood panels.


What is Class B fire retardant?

Euro Class B products are combustible materials but with a very limited contribution to fires.

Is Class C plywood fire rated?

Euroclass C fire performance is defined as having a limited contribution to a fire. This means that it has a lower rating than Euro Class B.

Is Class A fire rating better than Class C?

Yes, Class A is a better Euro class rating than Class B.

Can you cut fire-rated plywood?

We offer professionally cut fire-rated plywood products. Simply choose our cut to size option and select your chosen measurements.