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Buffalo board anti-slip mesh phenolic birch plywood full sheets and cut to size

Ply Direct offers an extensive range of buffalo board phenolic birch plywood sheets. Both customers and businesses trust us to provide them with high-performance products ideal for a range of intensive applications.

Thanks to their weather resistance and anti-slip properties, buffalo boards are the ideal choice for commercial vehicle flooring, shop fitting, and external applications, such as scaffold boards. They are extremely versatile, tough, highly resistant to damage, and have good chemical resistance.

Regardless of what type of buffalo board anti-slip plywood you need, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to discuss price or delivery, or read on to learn more about this product.

Buffalo Board Mesh Phenolic Birch Plywood Fulls Sheets Cut To Size

Getting custom size phenolic ply sheets can be challenging, but not with us. Ply Direct is a builders marketplace offering many different types of sheets sourced from sustainable European forests, cut to sub-millimetre accuracy, and delivered to your door rapidly. Just enter the phenolic plywood sheet size you need and we do all the cutting for you using our state-of-the-art equipment for you. It’s that simple.

Key Features Of Buffalo board Anti-Slip Plywood

Buffalo board key features include:

Acrylic resin paint phenolic plywood edges

All our buffalo boards come with sealed resin paint edges. This treatment increases water resistance, helping boards to last longer. The underside features a smooth film face finish.

Practical anti-slip mesh

Trailer flooring buffalo board, boards for walkways, or any other board that people stand on, needs anti-slip technology. For this reason, all our boards feature an anti-slip mesh: perpendicular, alternating embossed elements that reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

Standard colour

All our buffalo boards are available in a standard colour: dark brown. However, you can paint phenolic plywood edge sections if you need them to fit a theme.

Available in a range of sizes

You can get buffalo boards in a range of thicknesses and sizes, all cut to extremely high standards, depending on your material needs. Anti-slip mesh phenolic birch plywood sheets can be shaped to fit practically any space.

Uses Of Buffalo Board

Buffalo board is made to extremely high standards making it suitable for high-thoroughfare and irregular spaces. The anti-slip mesh component sits on the upward-facing surface, while the other side is smooth, high-quality plywood.

Commercial vehicle flooring

Buffalo board is a common choice for commercial vehicle flooring. It is easily worked and hardwearing, making it perfect for delivery vehicles.

Buffalo board is also suitable for trailer flooring. A trailer flooring buffalo board panel protects trailer bases from trailer damage while also keeping workers safe.

Horses can sometimes find it challenging to avoid slipping during vehicle journeys. Mesh phenolic birch plywood timber installed in horsebox floors helps to prevent this. Horses have more grip and sheets protect the trailer chassis from heavy animals above.

Regular flooring

Buffalo board mesh phenolic birch plywood also makes a great flooring option for temporary events or marquee flooring. The anti-slip mesh keeps carpets in place and provides substantially more grip than regular plywood.

Buffalo board is also suitable for stages. Anti-slip phenolic birch plywood gives actors more freedom of movement and reduces the risk of accidents.

Shops also install anti-slip plywood, particularly in loading areas and bays. Extra grip is helpful when workers load or unload materials from delivery trucks.

Farmers and agricultural businesses can benefit from mesh phenolic birch plywood flooring, too. It is suitable for horseboxes, farmwork, walkways, and other applicable settings.

Military vehicles

UK army vehicles often require toughened flooring to accommodate soldiers, their gear, and heavy equipment. Anti-slip mesh phenolic birch plywood sheets offer durability and grip, making them ideal for high-intensity training and combat situations.

Grandstands and tiered seating arena

Open-air grandstands and seating areas need cost-effective, safe flooring for their patrons. Therefore, buffalo board treated with acrylic resin paint is a great option. The material helps patrons avoid slipping, even during poor weather.

Both indoor and outdoor steps and walkways can become slippery due to water or grease on their surface. For this reason, many companies install anti-slip plywood to keep customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders safe. They vary stroke width according to their needs.

Scaffold platforms

Mesh phenolic birch plywood sheets make great scaffold boards. Anti-slip technology reduces the risk of dangerous slips, trips, and falls on construction sites.

Why Choose Ply Direct for all Your Buffalo Board Needs?

If you’re looking for a buffalo board seller you can trust, you’re in the right place. At Ply Direct, we cut anti-slip plywood to size in whatever thickness you like. We pride ourselves on saving you money and offering fantastic customer service at the same time.

No matter what size of anti-slip mesh phenolic birch plywood you need, our team can help. We deliver the next day in London and the rest of the UK if you order before 5 pm. Contact us today to learn more or fill out your order requirements at this URL.


Can I use anti-slip plywood for commercial vehicle flooring?

Anti-slip mesh phenolic birch plywood sheets are designed specially for commercial vehicle flooring. That means that you can apply them to a range of commercial vehicle floors, including trailers.

What is acrylic resin paint?

Acrylic resin paint is a substance that helps to keep water out of buffalo board. It is particularly helpful for outdoor settings.

Is phenolic birch plywood board waterproof?

Yes, our boards are waterproof and marine grade.

Is buffalo board susceptible to termites?

Buffalo boards are highly resistant to termites.

How do you calculate postage?

The price you pay for postage depends on the size of your order.

Where can I find out more details about your buffalo board?

Call us to learn more about our stock, our packaging, and the heat tolerance of our boards.