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Birch plywood, Finnish plywood, matt white melamine faced plywood full sheets and cut to size

At Ply Direct, we are home to an extensive range of plywood products and are proud to be a leading supplier of plywood sheets. Both companies and personal customers trust us to provide them with the best service and highest quality plywood at the best prices.

Whether you are looking for birch plywood sheets, Finnish plywood sheets, or any other type of plywood for your next project, you have come to the right place.

Read on to find out more about our high quality plywood sheets and how we can help you.

Birch Plywood Full Sheets and Cut to Size

All of our birch plywood is available cut to size or as full sheets to best suit your needs. We also offer a variety of thicknesses of birch plywood cut to size.

Types of Birch Plywood Sheets

Here are the different types of birch plywood sheets that we stock at Ply Direct and a little more information about each type to help you select the best choice of plywood panels for your needs:

FSC Birch Plywood BB/BB Quality - Long Grain

Our FSC-certified birch plywood BB/BB Quality Long Grain plywood sheets are suitable for a wide range of applications. You can use this birch plywood for CNC machining, and most building works where natural defects are not important. The BB face grade means that there may be patches and knots on the surface of these plywood sheets.

FSC Birch Plywood S+/BB Quality

As with grade b birch plywood sheets, S quality face grade is also likely to have more natural defects, but fewer of them, which makes it more suitable for clear finishing. S+ grade BB quality face grade has fewer natural defects making it suitable for use with a clear lacquer.

FSC Birch Plywood BB/BB Quality - Cross Grain

Like the long grain construction birch plywood sheets, the cross grain construction is also suitable for a huge range of uses. The standard bb grade means there may be the odd well made patch, but choosing a high-quality birch plywood cut sheet could make it suitable for clear finishing.

Finnish Birch Throughout Plywood - BBX Grade

Finnish Birch Throughout Plywood sheets are a high quality plywood choice and feature birch veneers on both the front and back surface. The veneers provide an attractive finish and make Finnish Birch plywood sheets suitable for a huge variety of furniture products.

Matt White Melamine Faced Birch Plywood

White Melamine Birch Plywood sheets are suitable for CNC machining and frequently used as an alternative to MF MDF and MFC. Melamine faced birch plywood sheets have the advantage over MDF cut as the birch cross grain construction can be worked. This means that melamine faced birch plywood does not require lipping or edges like MF MDF.

Film Faced Plywood Panels

Film faced plywood panels offer many benefits and are a highly durable choice thanks to their sealed finish. Choosing this plywood cut to size provides a convenient choice as it is moisture resistant, and resistant to mould.

Key Features of Birch Plywood

Here are some of the key features of birch plywood:

Attractive Appearance

White melamine faced birch and Finnish birch throughout plywood are both attractive choices and excellent alternatives to hardwood. Melamine faced birch provides an easy-to-maintain smooth surface which is generally good for a variety of furniture projects, which is its main commercial use.


When you are looking for plywood cut to size, birch plywood cut sheets are generally good especially when the odd well made patch of grade BB is not overly important. But, some of this playwood’s best features are its durable, smooth surface which makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Choosing a sealed plywood cut to size sheet such as film faced plywood provides the additional benefits of sealed edges so no edge banding is required and the benefit of being able to see the grain direction.

Uses of Birch Plywood

Furniture and Shelving Systems

Finnish Birch plywood sheets are widely used in furniture and shelving systems and is an ideal material for many furniture applications. The quality face of this wood provide a smooth and attractive finish making it suitable for constructing everything from tables to chests of drawers and cabinetry. Melamine faced birch plywood is also used in furniture construction and is one of the main commercial uses of the material.

Construction Industry

As well as being a suitable alternative to hardwood and used in the making of furniture, birch plywood sheets are also widely used for structural use and commercial fit outs in the construction industry. As birch plywood cut to size is light weight and durable, it is ideal for wall panels and can be CNC machined.

Why Choose Ply Direct for all Your Birch Plywood Needs?

Whether you are looking for utility grade plywood cut to size, white melamine birch plywood sheets or irregular plywood sheet sizes, Ply Direct can help. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service and a vast choice of birch plywood products.

As well as offering an excellent choice of birch plywood cut to size and in full sheets, we also offer a fast delivery service on our products. Next day week day delivery is available on in-stock items, and we will always get your products to you as soon as we can. If you have any questions, our helpful team will be happy to assist you.


What is Finnish birch plywood?

Finnish birch plywood is a panel product that offers an attractive finish and a smooth surface with edges that do not require lipping or edge banding.

What is the difference between plywood and birch plywood?

Due to the way that birch plywood is constructed, it is generally more durable than regular plywood as its multiple lamination areas make the structure tighter and stronger.

What is the best grade of birch plywood?

Birch plywood is available in a range of grades from grade B and grade BB up to S+/BB. S+/BB is a high quality plywood that is suitable for clear finishing.