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Your Guide to 9mm Plywood Cut To Size

In search of top-notch 9mm Plywood sheets cut to size? Look no further than Ply Direct, your trusted source for high-quality plywood solutions, delivered promptly to your doorstep.

At Ply Direct, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of plywood sheets suitable for both professional and DIY applications. Plywood’s versatility makes it the go-to material for a wide range of projects, and as a leading plywood supplier, we take pride in offering our customers premium 9mm plywood sheets with various thickness, length, and width options to choose from.

Whether you’re a business in need of a reliable plywood supplier or an individual embarking on a personal project, Ply Direct has everything you require for your 9mm plywood needs.

What is Plywood?

9mm plywood is a popular material known for its durability and flexibility. It is created by layering thin wood veneers, often birch, with alternating grain directions to form multiple layers, a technique known as cross-graining.

These layers are then pressed and bonded together to create robust 9mm plywood sheets. This engineered wood product is ideal for various applications, including custom 9mm birch plywood cut to size.

Full-Size and Custom 9mm Plywood Panels:

At Ply Direct, our customers have the flexibility to choose from our selection of 9mm plywood sheets available either as custom cut panels or full-sized sheets.

We process a significant volume of 9mm birch plywood cut to size to meet your specific project requirements. Our plywood sheet options, including 9mm thickness, cater to a wide range of project needs.

Types 9mm of Plywood Available at Ply Direct

We offer an extensive array of plywood products and 9mm birch plywood cut options at Ply Direct, including:

Marine Plywood Sheets

Our “BS1088” Marine plywood is chemical-free, made with waterproof glue, and ideal for water-resistant applications.

Hardwood Plywood Sheets

Featuring a veneer surface, Hardwood plywood is perfect for furniture making and decorative projects.

Birch Plywood Sheets

Birch plywood, available as 9mm birch plywood cut to size or full sheets, boasts a smooth, light-colored finish and is favored for interior design and furniture making. Grades are available to suit your specific needs.

Decorative Veneered Plywood Sheets

Our Decorative Veneered plywood comes in two styles: birch plywood with a crown-cut oak veneer on one side or two sides. We also offer high-quality birch plywood with a white melamine face on both sides, perfect for pre-finished and easy-to-clean interior carcasses and shelving.

Flexible Plywood Sheets

Flexible plywood is variation of plywood is easily bendable, making it suitable for creating curved shapes in furniture and other applications.

Flame Retardant Plywood Sheets

Flame plywood sheets are treated to reduce flammability and are widely used in construction. Options include temporary and permanent treatments.

OSB Smartply Sheets

Environmentally-friendly OSB Smartply sheets are made from sustainable timber, offering strength and cost-effectiveness.

Smartply Tongue & Groove Flooring

With high load-bearing capacity, Smartply T & G Flooring is an excellent choice for flooring applications.

Spruce Plywood Sheets

Known for strength, versatility, and stability, Spruce plywood is used in various construction projects

Chinese Redwood Plywood Sheets

Ideal for furniture and cabinet making, Chinese Redwood plywood is rot-resistant and insect-resistant.

Buffalo Board Anti-Slip Mesh Phenolic Birch Plywood Sheets

FSC-certified, Buffalo Board anti-slip plywood are used in commercial vehicle flooring.

Key Features of 9mm Plywood Panels

Plywood offers several key advantages that set it apart from other materials:

Versatile Material

Plywood is highly versatile, available in various thicknesses, sizes, and shapes, making it suitable for diverse projects.

Moisture Resistance

While standard plywood isn’t naturally moisture-resistant, marine ply can be treated to provide the necessary protection, making it popular in boat building.

Strength and Durability

Plywood’s layered construction gives it impressive strength, impact resistance, and durability.


Plywood can be used to create acoustic panels for sound insulation.


Plywood offers excellent value for money compared to solid wood, making it an economical choice.

Applications of 9mm Plywood Sheets

9mm plywood is a versatile material used in various applications, including:


Desks, wardrobes, chests of drawers, dining tables, and more are commonly made from plywood, offering a range of finishes.


Easily cut and shaped, plywood is ideal for creating shelves in various styles and sizes.


Plywood is suitable for constructing interior doors, easy to drill for hinges and handles and paint in custom colors.

Roofing and Construction Projects

Plywood’s lightweight yet robust nature makes it ideal for framing walls, floors, and subfloors in construction.

Boat Building

Marine plywood is a top choice for constructing boats due to its strength, lightweight properties, and resistance to rot.

Why Choose Ply Direct for Your 9mm Plywood Needs?

Ply Direct stands out as a leading supplier of cut-to-size plywood, offering a vast selection to cater to your unique requirements. We prioritize fast delivery, with many in-stock orders shipped the next business day to addresses across England and Wales. Next working day delivery is available Monday to Friday and applies to in stock products that are ordered before 5pm. No minimum order amount is required; simply order the quantity and sizes you need, and we’ll process your order promptly.

In addition to excellent service, Ply Direct offers competitive prices for all your plywood needs, including a wide selection of 9mm birch plywood cut to size and full sheets, backed by fast delivery options.


What sizes of plywood sheets can you provide?
Our plywood can be supplied as full sheets, and most plywoods come in various sizes. You can also have plywood cut to your specified dimensions. Standard plywood sizes are typically 2440 x 1220 mm, with thickness options ranging from 4 mm to 30 mm for birch plywood.

How much does a sheet of plywood cost?
Plywood prices vary based on the material and size you choose. Contact us for a quote tailored to your specific plywood needs.

Can plywood be cut to size?
Yes, plywood sheets can be cut to size. Professional cutting equipment, like a Striebig Control Panel Saw, is recommended for best results, as it minimizes the risk of splitting during cutting.

How is plywood different from MDF sheets?
Both MDF panels and plywood sheets serve common purposes in DIY and commercial projects. However, they are manufactured differently. MDF is made from wood fibers bonded with resin, while plywood consists of veneer wood sheets glued together. Plywood exhibits a visible grain, whereas MDF panels lack a grain as they are composed of wood fibers.