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Plywood Sheets Cut to Size - Plywood Panels and Boards

Ply Direct has quickly become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Ply cut to size and full Ply sheets. Our Ply Sheets can come in all different varieties and in a range of thicknesses. We aim to make it as easy as possible to order Ply cut to size and delivered throughout England and Wales. We are easily able to provide Ply cut to size, to suit a variety of projects.


Looking for high-quality plywood sheets cut to size? Ply Direct is a leading supplier of plywood for personal and professional needs with fast delivery.

Here at Ply Direct, we stock an extensive range of plywood sheets for both commercial and DIY use. Plywood is the material of choice for a wide range of applications, thanks to its unique qualities. As a leading supplier of plywood, we are proud to offer our customers high-quality plywood sheets available in a wide choice of thickness, length, and width measurements.

Whether you are a company looking for a plywood supplier or need plywood sheets for a personal project, you will find everything you need at Ply Direct.

What is Plywood?

Plywood is a commonly used material and something that everyone has heard of, but you may be wondering how these popular wood sheets are made. Plywood sheet is made by taking thin layers of wood veneers, such as birch, and alternating the direction of the grain to create multiple layers, known as cross-graining. The layers are pressed together and glued to create a plywood sheet. These engineered wood sheets are available in a range of different thicknesses that can birch plywood cut to size.

Plywood Panels Full Size and Cut to Size

At Ply Direct our customers can take their pick from our range of plywood sheets that are available as both plywood cut to size or as a full board.  We process more Birch Plywood Cut to size than any other variety. Both our plywood sheet and birch plywood cut options are available in a choice of thicknesses to best suit the needs of your projects.

Types of Plywood Available at Ply Direct

We have every kind of plywood sheets available that you could possibly need for your projects. Below you will find details of the range of plywood products  and birch plywood cut we stock here at Ply Direct:

Marine Plywood Sheets

Our Marine Plywood  “BS1088” is a high-quality plywood sheet which is free from chemicals and made using waterproof glue.

Hardwood Plywood Sheets

Hardwood plywood sheet features a veneer surface, making it ideal for furniture making. The attractive wood veneer finish with grain makes hardwood a popular choice for decorative applications.

Birch Plywood Sheets

Birch plywood cut to size, and full boards are available at Ply Direct. Birch plywood sheets and birch plywood cut are a high-quality wood . Our birch plywood sheets is available in a choice of grades, enabling you to select the option that best suits your finished item. When used for interior design projects, it’s ideal to cut out shelves from birch plywood sheets however, we can also supply plywood shelves in Hardwood, and even Marine Grade Plywood sheets for projects such as garage shelving. Birch plywood sheet has a distinctive light-coloured, smooth finish and is often used for making items such as shelves and in furniture making. Birch Plywood is popular choice for decorative applications such as furniture and interior finishes. The standard bb grade means there may be the odd well made patch, but choosing a high-quality birch plywood cut sheet could make it suitable for clear finishing.The BB face grade means that there may be patches and knots on the surface of these plywood sheets. FSC Birch Plywood sheets S+/BB Quality As with grade b birch plywood sheets, S quality face grade is also likely to have more natural defects, but fewer of them, which makes it more suitable for clear finishing.The birch plywood sheets are available in long grain and cross grain.


Our birch plywood range also includes white melamine birch plywood. Birch plywood sheets and birch plywood cut to size offer a number of advantages over other types of plywood as more than ideal for home furnishings as the rich sheen gives the finished product a rather smooth and elegant finish. It’s available in melamine finish makes this birch plywood sheets ideal in interior design, such as to create shelves and furniture.

Decorative Veneered Plywood Sheets

Our decorative veneered plywood is available in two styles. The first is birch plywood with a crown cut oak veneer on one side. The second is birch plywood with a crown cut oak veneer on two sides of the sheet.Extremely high quality Birch  Plywood Throughout.Birch Plywood with a White Melamine Face both sides is also available, which pairs up very nicely with this to form pre-finished & wipe clean interior carcas and shelving.

Flexible Plywood Sheets

Flexible plywood is a useful variation of regular plywood that can be easily bent into curved shapes. This makes flexible plywood a useful material for many projects, such as creating curved edges on decorative furniture.

The thin birch plywood is a rigid, lightweight and flexible product can be used in many applications including the manufacture of skis, musical instruments, car dashboards and any curved surfaces.

Flame Retardant Plywood Sheets

Flame retardant plywood is created by treating the plywood with chemicals which create a barrier reducing the flammability of the plywood and also making the flames less volatile. These fire-resistant properties make flame retardant plywood a widely-used material in construction. Our flame retardant plywood is available in a choice of two board types. The first is Euro Class C temporary use flame retardant plywood. The second is Euro Class B permanent treatment flame retardant plywood.

OSB Smartply Sheets

If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly plywood our OSB Smartply sheets are an ideal choice. OSB Smartply sheets are made from sustainable timber, including the tops of spruce and pine, which are not usually used in wood board production. OSB Smartply has many benefits as it is an incredibly strong form of plywood, which is suitable for use in a wide range of applications and provides a cost-effective and durable material.

Smartply Tongue & Groove Flooring

Our Smartply Tongue & Groove Flooring has a high load-bearing capacity, making it perfect for many flooring applications. Smartply Tongue & Groove also provides a cost-effective and durable flooring solution created by the use of compressed wooden strips.

Spruce Plywood Sheets

Spruce plywood sheets can be cut to size and used in a wide variety of construction projects. Boasting strength, versatility, and stability, while also being lightweight. Our spruce plywood cut is available as Type 111/111 and Sprucefloor Plywood Tongue & Groove.

Chinese Redwood Plywood Sheets

Chinese Redwood Plywood is perfect for furniture and cabinet making. Joinery techniques and dowelling can be used to construct furniture from this plywood as it is strong enough not to need glue. Other benefits of Chinese Redwood Plywood include the fact that it is rot resistant, resistant to insects, and extremely strong.

Buffalo Board Anti-Slip Mesh Phenolic Birch Plywood Sheets

Buffalo Board Anti-Slip Mesh Phenolic Birch Plywood is used in the creation of flooring for commercial vehicles. This anti-slip plywood is FSC certified.

Key Features of Plywood Panels

Plywood offer a host of benefits that make it stand out from similar materials. Here are the key features of plywood panels:

Versatile Material

Plywood is a highly versatile material which makes it suitable for a wide range of different projects. As plywood can be cut to a wide range of thickness, sizes, and shapes it is one of the most common types of wood sheets used in general building projects. Being able to buy plywood either cut to size or as a full sheet increases its appeal and its possible uses.

Moisture Resistance

Plywood is most commonly used in dry, interior conditions where it is not required to be moisture resistant. While plywood does not offer natural moisture resistance, you can purchase marine ply which can be treated and sealed to provide moisture resistance. Marine plywood is a popular material used in the boat building industry.

Strength and Durability

Plywood is a light material and easy to work with while also being very strong. Plywood gets its strength from the way it is constructed. Due to the many layers of laminates and the way the sheets are cross-grained, plywood is very strong. This enables plywood to boast a high level of impact resistance and durability.


Another key feature of plywood is its acoustic insulating properties. Plywood can be used to make acoustic panels to help prevent sound transmission through walls.


While plywood offers a wide range of key features related to its performance, it is also available to buy at a lower price than solid wood. The affordability of plywood is another of the many features that make it so popular.

Uses of Plywood Sheets

Plywood is a versatile material that is used for a wide range of common applications. Plywood is used in numerous ways for both home improvements and commercial projects.


Plywood is a hugely popular material used in the manufacture of furniture. Items such as desks, wardrobes, chests of drawers, and dining tables are all common applications for plywood. Plywood used in furniture production can be finished with veneers, painted to a chosen colour, or in some cases lacquered, to create an attractive finish. You will also find plywood widely used in the manufacture of bathroom and kitchen cabinets.


Shelves are another common use for this popular material. Plywood cut and painted in a different colour or with veneer applied is one of the huge number of applications plywood is used for as it is an easy material to measure and can be used to create any shape.


Plywood used as a solid shape is an ideal material for the construction of interior doors. Plywood at 18 mm thickness is often used for doors, and it is an easy material to drill holes into for hinges and handles, as well as being easy to paint in a colour of your choice.

Roofing and Construction Projects

As plywood is lightweight yet strong, it is ideal for many construction applications. Being able to measure, shape, and have plywood cut to almost any size makes it a truly versatile material. Plywood is often used in the framing of the interior walls and in floors to create tongue & groove flooring and when creating subfloor.

Spruce plywood is an especially popular material used in the construction industry. Spruce plywood boasts high levels of strength and durability, which make it ideal for creating a stable framework.

Boat Building

Marine plywood is widely used in the boat-building industry and delivers many benefits. Marine plywood cut to size is used in the construction of many vessels. This is largely because it provides an excellent level of strength while still being lightweight and easy to work with. It is crucial to choose marine plywood for boat building and to seal it and paint it appropriately to ensure that it stays free from rot.

Why Choose Ply Direct for your Plywood Needs?

As a leading company in the field of plywood cut and supplied to a size of your choice, we pride ourselves on offering a vast number of plywood options. Whatever plywood products you are looking for, you are sure to find them at Ply Direct.

Fast delivery is available on our products with many in stock orders being shipped by our team the following day. We ship our plywood products to addresses throughout England and Wales. Next working day delivery is available Monday to Friday and applies to in stock products that are ordered before 5pm.

Our choice of either full boards of plywood or cut to size options offers a convenient solution for our customers. All you need to do is to measure up and choose your thickness, length, and width. Next, simply enter the measurements that you need at the time of ordering or get in touch to discuss your requirements, and we will be happy to help.

There is no minimum order amount when you shop with us. Simply order the number and quantities that you need, and we will ensure your order is processed and ready for you as soon as possible.

As well as offering the best service, we also offer our customers excellent value for money for all their plywood needs.Also,excellent choice of birch plywood cut to size and in full sheets, we also offer a fast delivery service on our products. 


What size plywood sheets can you get?
Our plywood can be supplied as full boards, and most plywoods are available in a choice of sizes or you can have the plywood cut to your own specifications. Standard plywood sizes are typically 2440 x 1220 mm, with thicknesses available ranging from 4 mm right up to 30 mm for birch plywood.

How much does a sheet of plywood cost?
Plywood prices vary depending on the specific material and size you choose. Feel free to contact us to get a quote, and we will be happy to help you and provide you with a specific price for your plywood needs.

Can plywood be cut to size?
Yes, plywood sheets can be cut to size, but to get the best results professional cutting equipment is needed, such as a Striebig Control Panel Saw. Professional cutting is best for plywood as the sheet can split while being cut to size.

How is plywood different from MDF sheets?
Both MDF panels and plywood sheets are often used for DIY projects and commercial applications. MDF and plywood are both engineered wood products but manufactured in different ways. MDF is made from wood fibres bonded with resin. In contrast, plywood is made from veneer wood sheets glued together. It is useful to note that plywood has a visible grain, while MDF panels do not show a grain as they are made from wood fibres.